Sunday, May 14, 2017

Alphabet Story By Annette  Brown

Amy struggled to
Begin her piece,her
Concentration fading
Definitely was going.Must be the tiredness.
Each word was pulled out of her tired brain.
Fuzzy thoughts invade
Going to get inspiration soon.
How hard is it to write?!
Inquiring from her neighbour
Just what are we supposed to be writing?
Kindness perhaps
Love was in the air.
Many words eluded her ,that night.
Nowhere to hide
Only  write let it flow.
Possibly the hardest thing to do.
Quite a task
Really a tough job.
Stuck in my mind.
Too tired to write
Utilising my mind.
Very slowly words tumble out.
Worn out
X-ray of my mind,
You did it!
Zebras in my dreams that night.

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